DLIS Browser

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DlisBrowser is a program for geophysical log data files viewing.

Text format files like LAS can be viewed with any text editor; its simple specification allows easy understanding their content.
Binary formats files like LIS and DLIS (RP66) standard cannot be viewed with a text editor. These formats are very complex, so it is difficult to understand their content with a hex editor. DlisBrowser allows to view full structure of LIS and DLIS files in a convenient form showing all logical records comprising the files including auxiliary records which are usually not shown by special processing programs. Some DLIS files use the Atlas TIF encapsulation. Though it is not part of DLIS standard, DLIS browser supports such files and automatically identifies if a DLIS is encapsulated or not.

DlisBrowser shows the logical records in a convenient form as an hierarchical tree. Each record is shown as a branch which contains other branches, e.g. Reel Header Logical Record (RHLR) contains multiple Tape Header Logical Records (THLR), each THLR contains multiple File Header Logical Record (FHLR), each FHLR may contain Information Records (type 34), Data Format Specification Record (type 64), Data (type 0) and other records comprising FHLR.

The content of each record is shown in another window in form specific for this record. If a record may contain data in various representation codes, the numbers are printed in different colors specific to each representation code.


LAS unit into DLIS unit translation is added.
Default unit translator makes all unit letters lowercase. If you need special transtation, you can fill the custom dictionary which will be used. For example, 'OHMM' will be translated into 'ohm.m'

DlisBrowser 3.3 reads LAS files and converts them into DLIS.

DlisBrowser build processes correctly DLIS files with multiple FRAME and CHANNEL records

Search menu is added in DlisBrowser 3.2

There are two search categories: find information in EFLR record and find a data record with a certain depth. Forward and backward search are available

In DlisBrowser 3.1 the visualization window is added.

DlisBrowser build reports errors more friendly: the program shows ten last records positions before erroneous record:

The error has occurred in last record, but the record before it also looks suspicious. Therefore, to find out the place of the error you have to inspect records starting from IFLR #7407.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions feel free to contact us at support@dlis-browser.tech