DLIS Library


DLIS Reader is a dynamic-link library for reading DLIS (RP66) files. It exposes a set of functions by which an application can easily read required data.

The library reads data into a tree-shaped structure as it is shown in DlisBrowser program. The user application navigates through the tree with functions provided by the library. Each node in the tree represents a DLIS logical record.

Each EFLR encapsulates a table of information. The rows of the table represent Objects, and the columns of the table represent Attributes of the Objects. At the beginning of the table there is a Template that defines the columns. DLIS library provides functions for access to Template, Objects and their Attributes.

IFLR records contain log data, its structure defined by EFLR. DLIS library provides functions for reading and decoding data written in different Representation Codes used in DLIS specification.


Version Added support for files containing multiple FRAME and CHANNEL records.

Version 1.4: The handling with SUL record is changed: it is treated now not as a logical record.

Version 1.3: The prototypes of functions Iflrdata ans IflrDataVal are modified to make them more secure.

Version 1.2: Configurations Win32 and x64 added.

Version 1.1: Error codes are changed in order to be compatible with DLIS Creator codes.

DLIS reader is released


Click here to download DLIS reader specification (238 kB).

Click here to download trial version of DLIS reader (265 kB). Trial version has limited functionality: functions IflrData and IflrDataVal can process only first 5 channels of each IFLR, that is numbers in chan_nb[] array must be 0...4.


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Click here to purchase full version of DLIS Reader. Note! In order to get full-functional library you have to send us the name of your application which will link DLIS Reader (name of .exe file). We compile your dll and send you within 2 business days. See terms of license for more details.

Click here to purchase full version of DLIS Reader bundled with DLIS Creator.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions feel free to contact us at support@dlis-browser.tech