DLIS Browser

Data browsing

Main window of DlisBroswer consists of two windows. Left window contains a tree with logical records comprising browsed file. Right window shows the content of the record selected in left window. Color is used to designate the representation code of data shown.

LIS file view

DLIS file may look as follows:

DLIS file view

In both LIS and DLIS files data is written in portions called frames. To view data frames expand the node and select a frame:

LIS data frame

In right window you can see content of selected frame.

DLIS files can contain multiple frames differing in depth spacing, depth unit or in indexing. Name of each frame (in OBNAME form) and number of samples are shown in branches of data node:

DLIS data frame

If a channel has multiple samples at a single depth (e.g., waveform, electrical scanner) then its first data value is shown in bold font. To see all values, click the corresponding value and expand appearing combobox:

multiple samples per depth